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Angel’s Salumi and Truffles and Maison Crayssac accessories are perfect gift items for your foodie friends and loved ones, or simply a great way to show your enthusiasm for our tasty top quality salami, truffles, prosciutto, cured and uncured meat products! An engraved Chef’s Knife, Cutting Board, Hand Towel, Apron, or Truffle Slicer is perfect to add to any order – especially to enhance any gift orders.The cutting board is beautifully handcrafted and perfect for not only cutting your Angel’s Salumi charcuterie but also to display your gourmet treats. All accessories have been pre-tested by Chef and Owner, Pascal Besset, and selected not only for their quality, but longevity as well. We hope you enjoy these accoutrements to accompany your gourmet food products!