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Charcuterie is the term used for prepared meat products such as cured salami, terrines, prosciutto, and foie gras. Our handmade charcuterie is influenced by traditional French and Mediteranean styles. Our products include a variety of cured Salumi (Venison & Berkshire, Wild Boar, White Truffle, Black Truffle, Duck), Uncured Salumi (Suppressata Piccante, Nostrano, Toscano, Rosette, Bison, Chorizo), Lonzino, Lomo, and Prosciutto (Wild Boar, Duck). Purchase a variety of our products and create a beautiful board to impress your friends at your next dinner party or order one of our elegantly packaged products as a gift. All our meats are raised and processed humanely. They are certified antibiotic free, steroid free and free of growth hormones.  The game meats are free range, cage free or wild. The pork products are made strictly with purebred Berkshire pork. In order to create the highest quality product you must start with the finest quality ingredients.