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Game and Wild Meats

For the non-pork eaters we have a selection of Game Wild Meat. All of our products are made with the highest quality of compassionate meats. Our venison is from New Zealand farms, humanely raised and antibiotic free. All our ducks are farmed in the USA, raised on a high-quality exclusively vegetarian diet and antibiotic free. And our Bison and Buffalo are free range and all come from North America. Our Game and Wild Meat products include: pre sliced Dry Cured Duck Breast, Duck Prosciutto, Salumi: Venison & Berkshire Salami, Duck, Wild Boar, and Bison. Also for the non-pork eaters, we have created pork free gift baskets including our “Venison and Duck Prosciutto” basket and our “Hunter’s Selection” gift. These are complete with an Angel’s Thermo bag, Cornichons, Mustard, and Rustic Bakery Crackers.  Pack up a bottle of wine and you’re ready for an upscale delicious picnic!