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Truffles grow under large shady trees such as oaks, chestnut trees, or elms. Truffle varieties are seasonally available, dependent on factors like weather and environmental conditions. All of our fresh truffles are imported from Europe. Romanticized fungi that acts as a perfect ingredient to any dish and a mood-enhancer all at the same time! ***Availability of Fresh Truffles is dependent on the season***

Black Winter Truffle

A.K.A. the traditional ‘Perigord Truffle,’ this truffle features a gray-brown/black coloring with wart-like skin and white marbled veiny flesh – boasting a strong, earthy aroma. Harvested late November to March, with premium harvests occurring in January and February.

Burgundy Truffle 

The autumn truffle has a similar texture to the Summer Truffle, and features a black exterior with a milk chocolate interior. Harvested from end of September until end of November.

Black Summer Truffle

The most common truffle in the land, featuring a richer brown color, with an earthy aroma and taste. The wart-like surface and subtle aroma make this truffle a perfect complement to any dish. Harvested June to September. 

White Alba Truffle

‘The Rarest of Them All’ … The White Alba Truffle has a characteristic blonde coloring, with a smoother skin compared to other truffles. Boasting a garlicky flavor as well as the ever popular musky fragrance and strong earthy aroma, this diamond delicacy of the gourmet world is as decadent as it gets. Harvested mid-September to mid-December.

“At the time I write, the glory of the truffle has now reached its culmination. Who would dare to say that he has been at a dinner where there was not a pièce truffée? Who has not felt his mouth water in hearing truffles a la provencale spoken of? In fine, the truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy.”

Jean Antheleme Brillat-Savarin | French Epicure, The Physiology of Taste, 1825

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