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Truffle Products

Our truffle products come from La Maison de la Truffle Crayssac. It is a French company founded in 1900 in Perigord. This French region is synonymous to truffles worldwide. Angel’s Salumi acquired Maison Crayssac with the intention of bringing the European tradition to the American dinner table.  Crayssac manufactures products in France and Italy such as our pearl caviar, sea salts, puree, peelings, carpaccio and juice. Our black and white oils, butters and salumi are processed locally here in California. We love our these products in pasta, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, pretty much anything and everything tastes better with truffles! Kick up your everyday recipes with this luxurious and easy to cook with ingredient. Truffle dishes can easily be enjoyed at home and not just at a restaurant. Delight and impress guests at your next dinner party, elevate your next dinner date with that special someone, or find the perfect gift for the foodies in your life.