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We know choosing the perfect client and corporate gift can turn into a last minute scramble at the end of the year. Let us help take client gifts off your to-do list early this year by preordering gourmet gift baskets. The goal of Angel’s Salumi & Truffles is to provide the sophisticated palate with the best quality, uniquely handcrafted salami and truffle products. Show your top clients & employees your appreciation with a gift that is unique, local, and higher value than other low quality gift basket companies. We have a variety of options to fit your budget or can prepare custom gifts of your choosing. We are also happy to include any promotional items from your company to personalize and enhance the impact of your gift. Pork free, vegetarian and vegan gift baskets available. Discounts may be applicable for larger orders.

For personal assistance please contact us via email or call us O. 760.931.1324

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Hunter's Selection | $110

This gift will satisfy and delight any game meat lover. It includes the following items:

Angel’s Thermo Lunch Bag

Venison & Berkshire Salami 5.5oz

100% Wild Boar Salami 6.5 oz

100% Duck Salami 5.5oz

Edmond Faillot Cornichon

Edmond Faillot Mustard

Rustic Bakery Crackers

Angel’s Tea Towel

Engraved Cutting Board & Knife

Black Truffle Deluxe | $108

Luxurious gift for truffle lovers. Gift includes:

Angel’s Thermo Lunch Bag

Black Truffle Salami made from 100% Berkshire Pork and 5% Black Winter Truffles 6.5oz

Black Truffle Churned Butter 8oz

Black Truffle Sea Salt made with Sel de Guerande and Black Winter Truffles 50gr

Rustic Bakery Crackers

Black Truffle Oil 500 ml

Engraved Cutting Board & Knife

Profumi d'Olio | $122

Profumi d’Olio or “Scents of Olive Oil” is perfect for the olive oil fan. All Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin from Liguria harvested and pressed by Frantoio Di Sant`Agata D`Oneglia! This gift includes:

Choice of one flavored Olive Oil: Lemon Mosto Olive Oil 0.5l (16.9 fl oz), Chili Pepper Mosto Olive Oil 0.5l (16.9 fl oz) or Basil Mosto Olive Oil 0.5l (16.9 fl oz)

Angel’s Apron

Angel’s Tea Towel

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “cru primo Fiore” D.O.P 1L

Rustic Bakery Crackers

Taggiasche Olives in Brine 270 gr

Taggiasche Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200gr

Taggiasche Olive Paste 90 gr

Pepper Paste 90 gr

Artichoke Paste  90 gr

Ultimate Carnivore Selection | $315

This gift was designed for the meat lovers.  It boasts 8.5 lbs of our finest charcuterie and includes:

All Salumi and dry-cured meat products come vacuum sealed which allows 12 months shelf life.

6.5 oz Toscano (Uncured, Nitrite and Nitrate Free)

6.5 oz Rosette (Uncured, Nitrite and Nitrate Free)

6.5 oz Rosette (Uncured, Nitrite and Nitrate Free)

6.5 oz Soppressata (Uncured, Nitrite and Nitrate Free)

6.5 oz Soppressata (Uncured, Nitrite and Nitrate Free)

6.5 oz 100%  Bison Salami (Uncured, Nitrite and Nitrate free, Grass-Fed)

5.5 oz 100% Duck Salami (Cage-Free)

6.5 oz 100% Wild Boar Salami

10 oz Duck Prosciutto (Cage-Free)

6.5 oz Black Truffle Salami, made with 5% Black Truffle and Berkshire Pork

6.5 oz White Truffle Salami, made with 5% White Truffle and Berkshire Pork

5.5 oz Venison & Berkshire Salami

1 lb Lomo, Dry Cured Berkshire Loin with Spanish Paprika

1 lb Lonzino, Dry Cured Berkshire Loin with 5 herbs and spices

8 oz Black Truffle Butter (Churned Butter from Grass Fed Cow, and 5% Black Truffle)

10.85 oz Ligurean Taggiasche Olives in Brine

Edmond Faillot Mustard 7.2 oz

Edmond Faillot Cornichon 6.7 oz drained

Angel’s Apron

Angel’s Tea Towel

Engraved Cutting Board & Knife

Additional Selection & Custom Baskets

Please see more gift basket options HERE. Additionally, we are happy to put together a custom gift basket with your personal selections. Please contact our office for assistance. 760.931.1324

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